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Fancy helping us smash a World Record?! 

Getting involved couldn't be simpler. Have a read through the information of what's required and complete the form below. This bit is important... we're asking for a £6 'commitment cost' for everyone who wishes to get involved. The money we collect will cover your registration where you'll be given a unique number for the event, processing fees that we incur and to support the organisations that help the families that go through this loss.

Get involved Hands.jpg

Once you've submitted your details in the form below you'll be prompted to pay for your registration. Once we have received both your details and payment we will email you to confirm that you have successfully registered along with your individual registration number, the colour team you'll be representing and also the 20 minute time slot you have been designated.

It is important that you keep a note of your registration number handy as this will make identifying you simpler when you come to play. We ask is that you come wearing a t-shirt in the colour that you have been assigned and that you arrive for your time slot in plenty of time for us to get you ready.

For this whole challenge to be successful it is imperative that you stick to your allotted playing time (you'll get to choose your availability on the form below) This challenge will be played continuously 24/7 until we have had all players successfully complete their minimum 20 minute slot so this means, depending on your availability, that you could be asked to play in the early hours or late in the evening so please be sure of your commitment before registering. 

Register now and get involved!
What dates can you play?
Please let us know your availability to play in the match by selecting from the options below. Remember, this challenge is played consistently throughout the day and night until we hit the target!

Once you click the button you will be asked to submit your 'commitment cost' via a secure PayPal link. Please click here to view our data promise.

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