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Thank you for visiting withhopeinyourheart. In May 2021 we are aiming to break and set a new Guinness World Record for the 'most people to participate in a football match' to raise awareness for infant and child loss. We would be delighted if you can support us in any way you can, be that sticking your boots on and playing or giving up your time to help out with the event.


On 29th August 2018 my wife Alicia and I lost our daughter, Hope, who was sadly born sleeping. Since suffering this heart-breaking loss it has become apparent that the topic of infant and child loss is somewhat of a taboo subject around modern society which is incredibly sad.


With this in mind Alicia and I want to help raise the awareness of child loss, at all ages and help educate people that it's okay to talk about this, especially to the parents who have suffered the loss.


The idea of involving thousands of people in a challenge works two-fold in that it firstly allows us to raise significant funds for charities and organisations who work tirelessly to help parents cope with their loss. Secondly and somewhat most importantly, it allows us to raise the awareness substantially with the sheer volume of people who'll participate in the event.


And lastly it'll help us create a legacy for our angel and all the others who were simply too beautiful for this earth.

Your support is appreciated more than you can know.

Thank you for visiting the site and helping if you can.

Dan and Alicia


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